Electrical Charges

Monday, 10th September 2012 at 19:30
Union Hall, Maribor

Australian Chamber Orchestra
Brett Dean – conductor and viola

Richard Tognetti – lead and electrical violin

Bob Scott – E-violin programming and Sound Engineer
Danilo Ženko – Sound Engineer

Brett Dean: Carlo (1997)
Brett Dean: Intimate Decisions for solo viola (1996)
Brett Dean: Electric Preludes for 6 string electric violin and strings (2011-12) [world premiere] (Commissioned for R. Tognetti, ACO and the Maribor Festival 2012 by Jan Minchin)
Edvard Grieg/arr. R. Tognetti: String Quartet No. 1 in G Minor, Op. 27 (1877-1878)


Based on a Gesualdo madrigal (1611) Australian Brett Dean's Carlo (for strings, sampler, tape) begins with a pre-recorded vocal collage which gradually links with inventive orchestral sounds. Sustained tomb-like echoes, eerie nightmarish whispers, aleatoric twitterings, chanting and sadnesses are inspired overall by Gesualdo's infamous murder of his wife and her lover. A fascinating work, holding the audience spellbound.

Brett Dean´s new composition is commissioned by the Australian Chamber Orchestra and dedicated to Richard Tognetti and the Maribor Festival.

Richard Tognetti is the driving force behind the orchestra and it is his dramatic orchestral arrangement of Grieg’s heartfelt String Quartet that forms the concert’s climax. A melodic work full of rhythmic vitality, it ranges from the stormy first movement to the nimble finale, including an effervescent waltz and many hints of Norwegian folk music on the way.