The Reef

Friday, 14th September 2012 at 19:30
Union Hall, Maribor

Dedicated to the memory of Jeremy ‘Wire’ Curtain

Australian Chamber Orchestra
Richard Tognetti - Artistic Director & Lead violin

Brian Ritchie - guitars and vocals
Satu Vänskä -  violin & voice
Clay MacDonald - vocals

Mick Sowry -  Director & Producer
Jon Frank -  Director of Photography
Derek Hynd -  Director of Surfing
Ian Grandage -  Composer
Louis Thorne - Projectionist
Bob Scott - Sound Engineer
Danilo Ženko - Sound Engineer
Projection - Allcomb d.o.o.

Music as follows:
Richard Tognetti (real. I. Grandage):
Heart of the Black Beast (2012)
Richard Tognetti (arr. I. Grandage):
Bathymetry (2012)
Richard Tognetti / Ian Grandage:
Beyond (2012)
Pete Seeger (arr. I. Grandage / R. Tognetti):
Where Have All the Flowers Gone (1961)
Jean-Philippe Rameau:
Suite Les Vents from Les Boréades (tragédie en musique) (1763)
Gyorgy Ligeti:
"Ramifications" for string orchestra (1968-69)
George Crumb:
Night of the Electric Insects from Black Angels (1971)
Johann Sebastian Bach (arr. R. Tognetti):
Violin Sonata No. 1 in G Minor BWV1001, II. Fuga (1703 – 1720)
Iain Grandage:
Immutable (2012) (Slovenian premiere)
Wojciech Kilar: Orawa, for string orchestra (1988)
Alice In Chains (arr. R. Tognetti):
Them Bones (1992)
George Crumb:
God-Music from Black Angels (1971)
Brett Dean:
 Peripeteia from Electric Preludes (2012)
Shostakovich (arr. R. Barshai):  Allegro molto from Chamber Symphony in C Minor, Op. 110a (1960)
Sergei Rachmaninov:
Vocalise, Op. 34, No. 14 (1912)
Pete Seeger (arr. I. Grandage / R. Tognetti):
Where Have All the Flowers Gone (1961)
Alice In Chains (arr. R. Tognetti):
Angry Chair (1992)
Ludwig van Beethoven:
String Quartet No. 13 in B-flat Major, Op. 130, V. Cavatina, Adagio molto espressivo (1824 – 1826)


In May 2012, Richard Tognetti, composer Ian Grandage, film-makers Mick Sowry and Jon Frank, musicians, surfers and cameramen from all over Australia gathered at the Ningaloo Reef (West Coast of Australia) to start a creative process which has culminated in the live music and oceanic film experience entitled The Reef

Surfer and wanderer, Derek Hynd possesses legendary gifts, including an uncanny ability to confront exploding exteriors (on a finless surfboard) and collapsing interiors. We are then dared to comprehend these elements and mould them into the wonder of art.

But what of the music and why the need to project images?

Through the art of universal synchronisation, one is offered the possibility of hearing more in images and seeing further into music.

Our musical universe ranges from the 42,000 year old Indigenous culture with the restorative music of Stephen Pigram and Mark Atkins and the cohesive force of Iain Grandage; through to remnants of a surf culture that was driven

by grunge in the 90´s; lurching forward to the sublimely gruesome Ramifi- cations of Ligeti and transcending to the holy grail of J.S. Bach. It also includes Orawa by composer Wojciech Kilar (who turned 80 this July), best known for his music in Roman Polanski films and a fine composer in his own right, Rameau´s Les Vents, the un-worldliness of George Crumb, scurrying Brett Dean, Soviet Shostakovich, Russian Rachmaninov and Obama inauguration performer (and 60s protest singer) Pete Seeger. We conclude with Beethoven´s Cavatina written as tears flooded his score, and with beklemmt (anguish or oppressed) indicated in the score.

We invite you into our dreams, as this music sings to the elements of the natural environment and forms a sonic dialog with the mysterious and wondrous dance-art that is surfing.

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