She graduated in French and Slovenian language and literature at the Faculty of Arts in Ljubljana. She also spent some time studying at the Faculte de Lettre et d'Art in Dijon, France.

Since 1985 she has been working as a journalist in the culture department of the Večer newspaper. Her articles are cited in Slovenian encyclopaedias and lexicons. For years she has been the editor of the culture department of the Večer newspaper and editor of the Večer supplement V soboto (On Saturday).

She collaborated with various culture and culture-related media. The areas of her journalistic work range from cultural-political phenomena, cultural politics, media culture, diaspora, cultural history, literature of minorities, new artistic practices and television.

She won the Glazer Award in 2012, the highest recognition in Maribor for cultural contribution. She has been and still is a jury member at several events. She was the head of the board for books at the Office for culture of the Maribor municipality.


She runs roundtables about culture, librarianship, new music and public talks with esteemed cultural figures.

She studied Slovene cultural emigration in the series of portraits about the Slovene diaspora, about authors, philosophers and artists of various profiles that reside outside their country – from Japan to Argentina. The border areas, junctures of languages and cultures, creating process in a multilingual environment, assimilation and similar phenomena are the basis of her professional interests. Her interviewees are important figures of the global scene – from Dalajlama, Adam Michnik to Pascal Bruckner, Tzvetan Todorov, Jan Fabre, Charles Simic, Libuše Monikova, Dimitrij Popović, Boris Pahor and many others.

As co-author she published a monographic book Jože Košar – humanist and publisher for the 50th anniversary of the publishing house Obzorje in 2000 and in 2007 a Slovene-Croatian book Zagrebški Slovenci 2005-2007(the Slovenians of Zagreb) – it includes 25 interviews with Slovenians that live and work in Zagreb, Croatia. She also participated as a co-author with the monograph for the 80th anniversary of the Slovene National Theatre Maribor titled In the Whirl of Contrasts, as well as the Lexicon of Culture and Society in Maribor and the essayistic project The Slovene Path of Authors published by the Association of Slovene Authors. The book Maribor with Nostalgia is about to be released soon.


Music Review Workshop
6. - 15.9.2012