For over 10 years he has been writing about music, organising concerts, sound-events, giving and organising lectures, preparing radio and TV programmes, working as a journalist, writing reviews, articles and essays for various newspapers and other publications. For over 10 years he has been working for one of the oldest independent radio stations in Europe, the Radio Študent - during the last 5 years as the Music Editor. He writes for the newspaper Delo, the internet newspaper Odzven, the monthly music magazine Muska and for the weekly Mladina, to name only a few. For several years he has been a presenter, journalist and music critic with the Slovenian national television RTV Slovenija. During the last years he is organising a series of lectures and sound-events of contemporary experimental music Bitshift in the Gallery Kapelica in Ljubljana. Since 2005 he is the head of a smaller independent record label for experimental music L'Innomable. He lives and works in Ljubljana.


Music Review Workshop
6. - 15.9.2012