Jon Frank is the artist of the ocean image. His twenty-year career has seen him work as a photographer and cinematographer across all corners of the globe. In 1996 he filmed and directed the cult surf film Litmus and more recently shot the surfing documentary Musica Surfica (winner best feature at film festivals in USA, Brazil, South Africa and France). Jon also photographed and directed 2x world champion Mick Fanning’s acclaimed biopic Mick, Myself & Eugene and has worked commercially as a cameraman for clients such as Rip Curl, Red Bull and Sprite (France).
For the past twelve years Jon has worked as Senior Photographer for Surfing World Magazine and his images have adorned various books including his own Waves Of The Sea (1999). Jon's photography has featured on magazine covers across the globe and has been exhibited in Slovenia, Portugal, USA and Australia. He has also been the recipient of numerous awards, including Photo of the Year at the 2007 Surfer Poll and Video Awards (USA) and the 2008 Australian Surfing Awards.
In 2009 Jon collaborated with Richard Tognetti (Artistic Director of the Australian Chamber Orchestra) and select members from the Slovene Philharmonic for 'The Glide', a concert of ocean-related imagery set to classical music. 'The Glide' is being performed in Sydney and Melbourne as part of the Australian Chamber Orchestra’s 2011 season. Jon also exhibited a selection of his photographs as part of Festival Maribor in 2009 and 2010.

In September 2010 Jon and Richard Tognetti premiered a new concert titled ‘The Crowd'. The work examines the nature of the crowd, in its many manifestations, both human and in the natural world. It looks at sport, feasting, mating – forms of congregation that bring people together in a common purpose but which also highlight the aloneness, the solitariness and the independence that often resides at the heart of the crowd.
During 2011 Jon is working on another book project, this time a photographic journey from deep inland to deep sea.
Jon Frank is also a huge fan of music as well as the Maribor Festival. Capturing music with a lens is challenging, but Jon managed to create a collection of images that thrive with musical passion and movement, a collection that is progressing with every single concert at the Maribor Festival.

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