Born in Newcastle, Christopher Moore’s strongest memory from childhood was seeing his mother Patricia (a long time subscriber to ACO concerts in Newcastle) pulling up in the driveway of his Valentine home with a tiny blue violin case on the back seat. Pat was and still is a dedicated amateur musician and would take Chris to concerts in Newcastle and Sydney long before he had even learned to tie his shoelaces. After studying with two prominent Sydney Suzuki teachers, Marjorie Hystek and the late Harold Brissendon, he completed his Bachelor of Music in Newcastle with violinist and pedagogue Elizabeth Holowell.

After working with Adelaide and New Zealand Symphony Orchestras, Chris decided to take up a less highly strung string instrument and moved his musical focus and energy to the viola. He had always thought that the violin made his head look big! He accepted a position as Associate Principal Viola with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra – a position he held for one and a half years before successfully auditioning for the position of Associate Principal Viola with the same orchestra.

During his association with MSO, Chris performed regularly as a chamber musician with other colleagues from the MSO and counts among his many highlights sharing the stage with KISS.

During the 2006 ACO season, Chris appeared as Guest Principal Violist with the ACO for their March National Subscription tour and their tour to Malaysia. It was during this time that Chris successfully auditioned for the ACO’s Principal Viola position.

Christopher plays on a 1937 Arthur E. Smith viola (Sydney).




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