Eve's Women are:
Orit Orbach – clarinet, flutes
Michal Eizen Bergergan - piano, keyboards
Hadas Trainin - bass gutar
Michael Rahat - drums, percussion

These four first class women musicians combine Jewish melodies with a variety of ethnic styles from east and west, old and new, traditional and modern. They sing, improvise, incorporate and excite the audience with their special connection and energies on stage.

The band performed with great success all over the world. In the "Oris " Jazz festival and the Jewish Festival, London, the "Roskilde" Rock Festival, Denmark, the International festival in Beijing, the Jazz Festival in Johannesburg, the International Festival in Brooklyn Park, New York, the Queen of Thailand's birthday in Bangkok, The Jewish festival in Erfurt, Germany, the Jewish festival in Warsaw, Poland, tours in Germany, the Far East, Greece, Poland, Yugoslavia, Russia, the U.S.A, China and others.



Festival downtown: Eve's Women