Workshops and lectures about music reviews

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In 2012 we have again prepared lectures and workshops of creative music review writing for musicology, music and journalism students and everyone else interested in music reviews as a "literary" or "journalistic" form in the broader and narrower sense.

The project immerged from collaborating with Dr Gregor Pompe (SI), composer and professor at the Department for musicology at the Faculty of Arts in Ljubljana, and Bosiljka Perić Kempf (CRO), musicologist and a renowned journalist. They will be joined by other prominent Slovenian and foreign names in the field of music, musicology, journalism and related fields that will look at different aspects of this kind of texts.

Selected reviews will be published in the newspaper Večer, the music magazine Glasna, on our webpage, on the Odzven webpage and other media.

In addition to lectures and workshops (you) the participants will also be able to sign up for rehearsal tours, meet different musicians, experience the festival from a different point of view by socializing with your colleagues, the Festival organisers and musicians and learn about the organisation and realisation of such a festival.

This year you are also welcome to post your comments, photographs, videos etc. on Twitter (festivamaribor) - we are very much looking forward to hearing, reading and seeing your point of view.

The workshop fee is 50 € per participant and it entails the following: a ticket for the whole Festival, lectures, workshops and rehearsal tours. Every participant is obliged to hand in at least one written review of the Festival Maribor concerts.

The number of places is limited, so do not wait and sign up now. The sign up is final after the fee is met.

Music Reviews of the Festival Maribor 2011 Workshops

Short review of the workshops by Dr Gregor Pompe:

“In Slovenia we encounter a substantial lack in the field of music journalism concerning all music-journalistic genres – from simple journalistic articles to the more demanding critical reports. In this sense the music review workshops, prepared as part of the Festival Maribor programme, provide an important technical backup and an opportunity for younger students of different music disciplines (musicology, music pedagogy, academy of music) to also gain the material music-journalistic knowledge.

Absolutely unique was the organisation of the workshops at the Festival Maribor. The participants – the lecturers as well as the students – were treated similarly to the guest musicians. Special attention was paid to the accommodation and daily meals, while the participants were also given the opportunity to visit all the concerts as well as rehearsals. This gave them a chance to fully experience the whole Festival throb - socializing with the musicians, working with lecturers, enjoying the concerts and experiencing the complex festival organisation and logistics.

The workshops and lectures cycle was also prepared in a way that the participants could get a wide enough insight, since they were not only introduced to the “national” views on music reviews but also very actively faced with the more "market-oriented" North American views. I am convinced that the dialogue between lecturers, students, musicians and organisers has sprung many creative ideas that will enable to reach even higher artistic and reflexive levels in the future.”

Responses of the participants of Music Review Workshops 2011:

“The lectures of all three critics have broadened our horizons about the work of musicians, journalists, critics and cultural organisations. These lecturers have a wide musical knowledge, which they can wonderfully deliver – especially Dr Pompe who studied each review in detail and explained it to us. I hope that you will organise something similar in the coming year, since in Slovenia such courses are really scarce. Thank you for the beautiful and intellectually stimulating week in Maribor” (Maja Žgavc)

“Thank you for everything, it was excellent. I had a fantastic time and I hope to see you again soon or that this year will go by fast and we meet again next year at the Festival." (Katarina Trček)

"Thank you so much for everything, the workshops and concerts we really great, we felt very warm and welcome, so I really hope that we will see each other again in the coming year.” (Tomaž Gržeta)


Information about the Festival Maribor 2012 exhibition will be announced shortly.


Writing about culture and art: between the art and journalism
dr. Gregor Pompe

The responsibility of writing (hommage a Karl Raimund Popper)
Bosiljka Perič Kempf

Between psychopathy and sociopathy of “cultural” journalism
Melita Forstnerič Hajnšek

The influence of Krumlov Madonna on the next to last album of Lady Gaga or Who still reads cultural reviews
Peter Rak

Music journalism and cultural review as links in the chain of band distribution
Ičo Vidmar

Objectivism and culture: A perspective of the American ethos (Objektivizem in kultura: Vidik ameriškega etosa)
Alan J. Benson

Sound art – division between music and the currents in modern art
Luka Zagoričnik

Less is more or there is NO text that cannot be shortened (even mine)
Marko Crnkovič

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